Digital Business Card

Say hello to the future. Your digital business card puts your details on their phone – right where it needs to be. It can be sent via Whatsapp, Email, SMS, Facebook, NFC, Bluetooth or using a QR Code. It is a paperless, contactless, online solution.

Digital Business Card on a phone

Why go Digital?

Easy to Share

Your digital business card can be shared according to your needs. It can be sent via Whatsapp, Email, SMS, Facebook, using a QR code on a screen or in print. Want to beam it across using NFC? We can do that too.


How much does a pack of business cards cost? And where do they end up? For the cost of designing and printing a stack of business cards, you can have a digital card created that lasts forever.



Want to change your details? No problem. New logo? No problem. The digital business card removes all the issues of having traditionally printed cards.

Digital Business Card and NFC Tap Card

The Power To
Build Your Business

There’s magic in that moment when you make a new connection, isn’t there? Impress new connections with your tech-savvy way of sharing your details. Avoid typos and lost details, making sure you can be reached later. Make that magic work for you in those moments and grow your business by growing your network of connections.

Many ways to share your Digital Business Card

Digital Business Card shared via NFC card

NFC Card

Are you ready for the future? Why not get an NFC card to tap your connection’s phone and send your details?

Digital Business Card shared via QR code

Corporate Gifts

Print your QR code on any surface, including vehicle branding and corporate gifts.

Digital Business Card saved to phone home screen

On Your Phone

Your phone is always with you and sending your details is fast, safe and simple.

Here’s Matt explaining the concept and how to use your digital business card